All American Concrete Drilling

Today, Fuel and Tank Solutions cleaned the fuel tanks of All American Concrete Drilling.

Almost all heavy equipment will have a water issue in their fuel during humid months. In a short time a small amount of water will have algae starting to grow…

Fuel Injector Cleaner

We fix bad fuel issues.

And that’s exactly what clogged fuel injectors are the cause of!

The majority of engine issues can be traced back to water in your fuel.  When water mixes with the ethanol in your fuel tank, it forms a sludge that will eventually clog your filters, fuel lines, and injectors.

Water in diesel fuel causes algae growth which leads to a silt or sludge buildup on the bottom of your tank.  Any fuel contaminated with water will not burn properly.



We developed our Fuel and Tank Solutions additive out of necessity for our Motor Coach Maintenance Facility;  Most other over the counter fuel additives only mask the moisture problem.  We still needed to tune-up and replace parts of our engines as general maintenance when using what was available.  Now, with the use of our new product that we created, without any alcohol or harmful ingredients, our maintenance issues have been reduced significantly.

All our customers then wanted to order what we created. It was then we decided to make it available to the public. Please check out our new site for orders and more information about our fuel cleaning services: